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Narvekar - Infertility & Endoscopy Clinic
Vision Values

Having a baby is the most important choice a couple must make - and it can be heartbreaking when, for medical reasons, it is not possible. However, with the assistance of new treatments and techniques, more and more infertile couples find they can overcome their problems and successfully conceive a child.

Nearly 90% of infertility cases are treatable with either medical drug therapies, surgical repair of reproductive organs or assisted reproductive techniques.

Narvekar Infertility and Endoscopy Clinic is a state of the art clinic that provides the most advanced gynaecological solutions to women. With expert, experienced and highly personal care, we provide comprehensive reproductive treatment in a compassionate, honest and friendly environment. We believe that such an environment is of paramount imoprtance because of the inherent stresses-medical, psychological and financial-that naturally accompany the evaluation and treatment of infertility.

At Narvekar Infertility and Endoscopy Clinic we offer all available infertility solutions under one roof. We encourage patients to evaluate all available options so they can make an informed choice, tailored to their specific needs and circumstances. IVF is a much publicised option which has miraculously brought hope and happiness to hundreds of couples. But it is not the only option. There are many simpler and more cost effective treatments which are sometimes more appropriate. To illustrate, a common example: Women desiring a reversal of laparoscopic sterilisation are usually offered IVF which has a 35% success rate per cycle attempted. Few consider (or are offered) the option of Microsurgery, which is a one time procedure with an 80% success rate at half the cost of one IVF cycle.

In our quest and commitment to provide our patients the most advanced and effective treatments available, we continuously update our training and knowledge base in the hope that one day in the near future we will be able to treat infertile couples with 100% success! 


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