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Egg Retrieval

This is usually performed in the morning, approximately 36 hours after the HCG injection. Vaginal ultrasound guided egg collection is the most common technique used. It is a minor surgical procedure, usually performed under a general anaesthetic. A vaginal ultrasound probe with a fine hollow needle attached, is inserted into the vagina.

No abdominal incisions are required. With ultrasound guidance, the needle is then advanced from the vaginal wall into the ovary to suck out the fluid from the follicle which contains the egg. Each egg is removed in turn through the needle by a suction device.. The follicular fluid is drawn up into a test tube to obtain the eggs. The whole procedure takes about 20-30 minutes. Antibiotic is usually given to prevent infection.

After the retrieval, it is recommended that patients remain in the clinic for approximately 2-3 hours Following transvaginal ultrasound retrieval there may be some pelvic area tenderness/mild discomfort and drowsiness from the medications received during the procedure. Light vaginal spotting is common. 








Sperm Collection

On the morning of the oocyte (egg) retrieval the husband will be requested to give a semen sample obtained by masturbation. Abstain from intercourse for at least three days, but not more than seven days prior to collection of semen.

After the specimen is produced, the sperm is prepared for inseminating the collected eggs in our laboratory. Because this can be a stressful time, men who feel that they may have difficulty producing a semen specimen at the time of the egg pick up, may give the semen sample the evening before or have their specimens frozen by our laboratory well ahead of time. Some patients require medication or use of a vibrator to produce a semen sample.


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