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Sperm Banking

This facility can be used not only to access donor sperm but also to freeze and bank the husband’s sperm for later use or for use in his absence.

Sperm donation is a well-established form of assisted conception treatment. Frozen sperm is used to minimize the risk of HIV transmission to the recipients.

It is recommended.

  • When the male partner has either very few sperm or no sperm in his semen- the high cost of ART procedures is beyond the means of many couples.
  • There is a risk that the male partner may pass on an inherited disease - Preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) is expensive and antenatal fetal diagnosis is available but termination of pregnancy unacceptable.
  • Severe Rhesus incompatibility- if the female partner is Rhesus(Rh) negative and sensitized and the male partner is Rh positive .
  • Donor insemination may also be used to treat single women / lesbian couples.
  • The husband or male partner has an incurable sexually transmitted disease such as HIV.

We do try and match the donor and recipient`s ethnic background and physical characteristics as closely as possible. However, the recipient couple should understand that no matching can be guaranteed.


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